We work with people and businesses to solve complex problems by providing intuitive software solutions. Innovating for the future ensures the best return on investment and we can provide consultancy or delivery of whole projects.


With decades of experience in the information technology industry – and utilising the latest approaches to problem solving and delivery – we can ensure you meet critical deadlines and focus on what you’re best at.


We have also created proprietary E-commerce solutions and open-source development tools. With these projects – as with all our work – we believe that building in quality from the very start is the key to delivering success.

Consultancy Services

We’re Agile

We know the challenges businesses face can change rapidly; therefore we follow the latest Agile practices so we can adapt to your needs while still ensuring that a product is delivered within the agreed timescales without any loss of quality or performance.

Easy to Work With

Experienced in consultancy, greenfield, brownfield and process improvement we are able to work on time critical projects for your business. If you have whole projects or even just parts of a project that need delivering we can help.

The Full Lifecycle

Delivering projects requires not just writing of code, there are many more activities, such as; project governance, business analysis, acceptance testing, deployment, training and maintenance. We can help in all these areas giving you total peace of mind.

Faster Development

We are experienced using many languages and technologies so we can deliver the most fit-for-purpose solution to our clients. We specialise in the architecture of integrated web solutions that leverage the latest programming libraries and frameworks.

Practicing Best Practice

Building software is as much an art form as a logical problem. We recognise that whatever happens to your business strategy having software you can rely on is paramount, as such we are continuous delivery and extreme programming evangelists.

Customer Focused

For every business the customer comes first, and we will always put your needs first. We work hard to analyse your requirements and help you innovate in areas you need us to focus on. Ultimately delivering great solutions to your customers.

Some of our recent Clients...

Aevi International
Wincor Nixdorf
De La Rue
VISA Europe
City Link

Our Projects


Looking for an off the self e-commerce solution in the cloud to sell your products on? We are working on just the thing and we plan to launch it in April 2016. So we could have just the right service to help your online business prosper and grow. Check back soon or contact us for more information.

Venzra API

We designed this robust cloud-based platform to work in harmony with existing solutions and provide an end-to-end supply chain experience. The core of Venzra, our e-commerce service, is using this modern underlying API platform.

Angular Toolbelt

We love the open-source community and always want to do our part to help and contribute back into the developer community. This is an open-source programming library we built to extend the AngularJS framework with some useful UI components to help people build great apps.


An open-source set of modern tools designed for developers to pipeline many sources and pieces of information onto a single unified dashboard; putting your world in one convenient place. This is an exciting open-source project that we are proud to contribute into.

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